La Residencia Almar Hotel


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La Residencia Al Mar
April 6, 2007

Located 200 yards from the pier on the boulevard, the La Residencia is an ideal location for a breath taking view from your room of a sun rise over the water,  or you can cross the street to take a stroll by the sea as so many people do every morning. 

You won't have to leave your hotel to find an excellent restaurant.  Steak, Japanese, Pasta and seafood are just a few of the dishes you can enjoy in a beautiful atmosphere covering almost the entire bottom floor.  Or, you can dine in your room at no extra charge.

La Residencia is an older hotel, yet the wood grills create an exquisite interior that is punctuated by antique furniture pieces and floral arrangements in various sizes of pottery.  The rooms contain more antique furniture and some have balconies overlooking the water.

The room prices range from about P2500 down depending on the view and your desire to have cold beverage storage and lots of bed space.  

The service has been excellent every time I've stayed at this hotel.  They aim to please you in every way they can.

Contact:  09203439450, 225-7100, 422-0889, 422-8466, 422-0888

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