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I don't know how many times foreigners have asked me how to find a good Filipina for a wife.  I would guess 300.  Foreigners want to come to the Philippines, find a good woman, maybe have some kids and settle down.  Some want to find one and take them back to their home.  I've been married and in the Philippines four years.  I met my wife on the internet.  Here is my advice.

The first thing I would do now (hindsight) is to evaluate my own situation.  Am I ready to retire and move to the Philippines or do I want to bring a wife to my home country?  There is a huge difference in difficulty between these two situations.  But, there are steps I would take for both situations that are the same.

When you start looking for someone, inevitably you will either use a dating service or just come over here and meet ladies.  My advice is to pick where you will initially stay in the Philippines and places you plan to visit and then find some ladies on line that live there.  Many Filipinas are willing to help you find your way around when you first arrive.  First rule is to state in your profile or your first text that you don't send money to anyone until after you have met them and spent personal time with them.  Then maybe.  No lying to get them in the sack.  Warning!!!  If you do mess around here, you must be warned that getting pregnant with your baby is a  very desireable situation in the minds of some.  Get a vasectomy, if at all possible, or use contraceptives or abstain until you are sure about the lady.

Now for your situation.  If you are looking to find a wife to export to your home country, it is going to take a lot of time and expense making sure she is the one.  You don't want to take trouble to your own back yard.  There are many who have great wives who brought them home after a short engagement and quick marriage.  But, do you feel lucky?  Well, do you?

Option two is to come here to live whether you find a woman or not. (odds are you will find several).  This is the easiest and less stressful road to take.  Make expat friends.  Make lady friends.  Get yourself known.  Date here and there.  Enjoy the Philippines and then gradually make your decision.  Remember this.  Good Filipina wives are great amd last forever, but bad ones last to long and cost to much to get rid of.  You have to take your time and not rush into anything.




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