Would You Retire in Cebu?
By Paul and JJ P

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Hi, and welcome to Living In Cebu.  Before entering this site, let us tell you something about it and us.  This is a site devoted specifically to the province, as well as the city of Cebu, Philippines.  We hope you find the information you seek there, as that is our goal.  If we can help you gain more knowledge or information on Cebu in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.  For general information or questions you may have, feel free to browse this site or post on our Living In Cebu Yahoo Group.  There are many knowledgeable members on the Yahoo Group, who are always willing to help others.

Unlike some foreigners who are here, we do not sugarcoat anything about Living in the Philippines.  There are some bad things about living in the Philippines, and in Cebu.  We would be lying to you if we said otherwise.  However, there is much more good about living in the Philippines, living in Cebu, as well as living in other areas of the Visayas, than is bad by far.  Besides, anywhere you may choose to live in the world has something negative about it, right?  But, for us, the Philippines ... better yet Cebu, is the single best place in the world, in which to live.  Once you come here and see for yourself, we believe you will agree too.

Now, If you ask for our opinion on a topic we know about, we will give it to you, positive or negative.  J. J. and I look at it this way, if you are going to take time to pull up stakes, liquidate your whole life, and then move half-way around the world to live, you do not need someone dealing you a line of crap, making you feel like everything here is peachy.  There are some negatives here, but the positive side outweighs the negatives, one-hundred to one, for us anyway.  But, it's not for everyone, and we know this.  So, in order for you to see if living in the Philippines is for you, we suggest getting (and digesting) as much information as possible about this country, then come here for a visit.  This way, you can get an idea as to whether it's for you, or not.

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