Philippine Alien Certificate of
Registration and 
Identity Card

A new requirement has been invoked by Philippine Immigration for foreigners on extended stay on Tourist Visas.  In order to open a bank account or get a Philippine drivers license, a foreigner in country on a Tourist Visa must apply for the ACR-I Card.  Originally this card was only for permanent visa holders such as those with 13a visas, retirement visas etc.  Immigration is encouraging everyone entering the country to apply for the ACR-I Card.

There are only 3 locations that you can go to for the ACR-I Card.  Manila, Cebu and Davao immigration offices.  These three have the digital finger print recording capability and have ACR-I Card processing sections.

Immigration claims a quick response in getting your ACR-I Card; however, I cannot verify nor do I have experience with that.  I applied for my ACR-I Card when applying for my 13a visa.  It was several weeks before I actually received mine.  Bring your birth certificate, passport and any other identification papers you have.  Know your parents birthdays. They ask many questions and you will fill out forms and pay the fees before even going to the ACR-I Card section.

Immigration has an Alien registration summary report that you pay to update within the first 60 days of a calendar year.  DO NOT MISS PAYING BEFORE THAT DATE.  The fee is P310 right now.  You will receive a receipt.  DON'T LOSE IT AND BRING IT WITH YOU THE NEXT TIME YOU GO IN TO PAY THE FEE.  Local BI's will not update your record without it.

When you go to your local BI to pay for the summary report the first time, bring two passport size pictures and be prepared to answer many questions proving your identity.  You will sign a card and your thumb prints will be taken. 

Always carry your ACR-I Card.  There are penalties written on the card immigration can invoke if you are found without it.

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